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RGC High School Student to Attend Tonight's State of the Union Address

Congressman Henry Cuellar invited Rio Grande City High School student, Alex Rodriguez, to the State of the Union Address on February 4. Rodriguez is a senior, who plans on pursuing a career with the United States Border Patrol. The Congressman has selected Rodriguez to be his guest, to honor him for all his hard work, commitment and dedication in wanting to serve our country; in doing so, Congressman Cuellar will fly Alex, along with his family, to Washington, DC for the occasion. Although Alex faces challenges with dyslexia, he has been actively involved for the past three years in the Rio Grande City Skills Law Enforcement Program, which aims at community service and integrity; as well as two years in the Rio Grande City Explorer Post 735, which allows members to compete in various law enforcement scenarios, such as officer down and active shooter tournaments in Austin and South Padre Island. Additionally, Alex played an essential voluntary role in providing security for Rio Grande’s City’s National Night Out, City of Roma’s Trash Bash and the Christmas Toy Drive. He hopes to one day join the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) as an agent.

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“I am honored to invite Alex as my distinguished guest,” said Congressman Cuellar. “Through his involvement with different programs and events, he displays true passion for his goals and his community. After hearing his story and understanding the struggles he and his family have overcome, it is clear he is a driven and selfless individual. Alex is on the right path to succeed in law enforcement and I could not be more delighted to present him with the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC, for the State of the Union Address.” After graduation, Alex plans to work and attend South Texas College and University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law from Sam Houston State University. In addition to his studies, training, and experience through the United States Border Patrol, Alex plans on eventually applying to BORTAC and attend war college with the Border Patrol. The State of the Union Address takes place on February 4, 2020, in Washington, DC.


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