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Rio Grande City PD Engages Students at RGCGISD Career Day

The Rio Grande City Police Department recently took part in the Rio Grande City Grulla Independent School District's Career Day, offering students a unique opportunity to gain insight into the daily operations of law enforcement professionals. This collaborative event served as an invaluable platform for students to explore potential career paths and learn firsthand about the responsibilities and challenges faced by members of the police department.


During the Career Day event, representatives from the Rio Grande City Police Department engaged with students in interactive sessions, providing them with a comprehensive overview of the department's functions and responsibilities. Students had the chance to learn about various aspects of police work, including patrol duties, criminal investigations, community outreach initiatives, and specialized units.


"Events like Career Day offer us an opportunity to connect with students and inspire them to consider careers in law enforcement," stated Rio Grande City Police Dept. Chief Noe Castillo. "By providing students with a glimpse into our daily work, we hope to cultivate a sense of trust and understanding between the police department and the community we serve."


The Rio Grande City Police Department remains dedicated to engaging with the community and inspiring the next generation of law enforcement professionals. Through initiatives like Career Day, the department continues to foster positive relationships and promote career awareness among students in the Rio Grande City Grulla ISD.




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