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RGCPUD Celebrates Valentine’s Day at Fresenius Kidney Care Clinic

The City of Rio Grande City Public Utilities Department embraced the spirit of Valentine's Day by spreading love and cheer to the patients at Fresenius Kidney Care Clinic. In a heartwarming gesture, representatives from the department visited the clinic to bring smiles and Valentine's Day joy to patients undergoing treatment.


Thanks to Clinical Manager Sue Ellen Alvarez, Biomedical Technician II Albino Bazan, and Janie Garza, the visit to Fresenius Kidney Care Clinic was a special opportunity to connect with patients and show support for their health journey.


"We are grateful to Fresenius Kidney Care for welcoming us into their clinic to celebrate Valentine's Day with their patients," stated Rio Grande City Public Utilities Department director Eric Flores. "It was an honor to spend time with the patients and bring a little extra love and encouragement to brighten their day."


During the visit, patients were treated to Valentine's Day gift baskets, bringing smiles and joy to their faces. Among the recipients were Laura Salazar and Zenon Garza, who were congratulated for winning the Valentine's Day gift baskets. The gesture was met with appreciation and gratitude from patients and staff alike.


The City of Rio Grande City Public Utilities Department's visit to Fresenius Kidney Care Clinic exemplifies the community's spirit of compassion and care. By reaching out to patients during special occasions like Valentine's Day, the department demonstrates its commitment to supporting the well-being of all residents, especially those undergoing medical treatment.




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