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RGCPD 'Cupid Cops' Spread Love in the Community

The Rio Grande City Police Department embarked on a heartwarming initiative to spread love and goodwill throughout the community with its Valentine’s Day 'Cupid Cops' campaign. This program aimed to foster positive relationships between law enforcement and residents while spreading joy during the Valentine's season.


On Valentine’s Day, officers from the Rio Grande City Police Department visited local nursing homes to deliver nearly 250 carnations to residents. The gesture brought smiles to the faces of elderly residents, and served as a symbol of love and appreciation, brightening the spirits of those receiving them.


Following the nursing home visits, the 'Cupid Cops' took to the streets to spread love in a different way. Officers conducted traffic stops throughout the city, but instead of issuing citations, they surprised drivers who obeyed all traffic laws with Valentine's Day gifts. These unexpected acts of kindness left drivers pleasantly surprised and served as a reminder of the importance of safe driving practices.


"The 'Cupid Cops' initiative is about more than just spreading love; it's about building trust and strengthening relationships between law enforcement and the community we serve," stated Rio Grande City Police Chief Noe Castillo. "Small gestures like delivering flowers and rewarding safe driving behaviors can have a big impact on fostering positive interactions and building a sense of unity."



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