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RGC's Public Utilities Dept. Continues Infrastructure Improvements to Accommodate Growth

Over the past few days, the Rio Grande City Public Utilities Department (PUD) has been busy with infrastructure improvements to accommodate new commercial growth.

"As we get closer to the grand opening of the Dutch Bro. Coffee shop, our PUD's Distribution Crew has been working on lowering a manhole on site," stated recently hired Rio Grande City PUD director Eric Flores.

Manholes are often used as an access point for an underground public utility, allowing inspection, maintenance, and system upgrades.

"Thank you for always working so hard to continue to improve our ‘lindo’ Rio Grande City," said Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal about the PUD department's recent infrastructure improvements.

Set to open its new location in Rio Grande City within the next few weeks,

Dutch Bros Coffee is a drive-through coffee chain that is known for its specialty coffee drinks, including its signature Dutch Freeze, which is a blended coffee drink made with Dutch Bros’ private reserve espresso and flavored syrups.

The coffee shop also offers a variety of other drinks, including cold brew, tea, lemonade, and smoothies.



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