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RGC’s Fordyce Nature Trails Feature New Rest Area, Signage Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 93

The popular Rio Grande City’s Fordyce Nature and Hiking trails now feature a new rest area, and way finding sign thanks to the efforts of Mr. Omar Mendoza and Boy Scout Troop 93 who selected the trails for a special project.

“Thank you Mr. Omar Mendoza, his Eagle Scout, and everyone involved with the Boy Scout Troop program project. We couldn’t be prouder to highlight these beautiful additions to our trails.,” stated Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal. “Your work provides a lasting positive experience for our youth and shares the importance of giving back.”

Hiking offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits, making it a popular outdoor activity for individuals of all ages in Rio Grande City. From the physical standpoint, hiking is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, promoting heart health, and improving overall fitness levels. The varying terrains encountered during a hike at the Fordyce Nature Trails engage different muscle groups, contributing to enhanced strength and endurance.

Beyond the physical aspects, hiking provides a natural setting for mental rejuvenation. Spending time in nature has been linked to reduced stress levels, improved mood, and increased focus. Hiking also offers an opportunity for individuals to disconnect from the demands of modern life, promoting mental clarity and relaxation.



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