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RGC Public Works Dept. Continues Beautification Efforts

The Rio Grande City Public Works Department spent the afternoon cleaning and doing general maintenance at the RGC Public Library on Wednesday, November 15.

“Our RGC Public Works Department is always hard at work keeping our city clean and tidy,” stated Deputy City Manager Noe Castillo. “Thank you for your hard work guys.”

“Thank you so much to Hector Barrera and the Rio Grande City Public Works crew for their dedication to cleaning, maintaining, and mowing our lawn,” stated RGC Library Director Norma Fultz. “Your hard work is greatly appreciated. We're grateful for the great effort you make in keeping our community clean and beautiful.”

The mission of the Public Works Department is to maintain a clean and attractive community by maintaining functional streets, sidewalks, parks and municipal facilities. For more information, or to submit a Public Works request, residents can call 956-488-8382 or visit



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