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RGC Police Dept. Upgrades to New Non-Lethal Electroshock Weapons

The Rio Grande City Police Officers recently gained access to the latest model of non-lethal Taser 7 electroshock weapons after completing a two-day training certification program held in Laredo Texas.

TASER Energy Weapons protect life. They are the most studied less lethal use of force available to officers today, with over 800 published studies evaluating their safety and effectiveness.

For the conclusions of these studies are clear: public safety agencies and communities benefit from the implementation of TASER Energy Weapons. They de-escalate intense situations and reduce the rate of injuries to civilians and officers — and as a result, agencies often save taxpayer money and see a drop in worker’s compensation claims after implementing a TASER Energy Weapon program.

Fore more information about the Rio Grande City Police Dept. Electroshock Non-Lethal Weapons initiative residents are encouraged to call (956) 487-8892.



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