RGC Fire Dept. Welcomes New Volunteers

The Rio Grande City Fire Department welcomes new Volunteer Fire Fighters Noe Castillo Jr., Victoria Lee Reyes, and Miguel Guerrero and Noe Flores to the team.

The Rio Grade City Fire Department is always seeking brave and selfless individuals to step up and join their team as volunteer firefighters. For more information visit the RGC Fire Dept. located at 910 US-83, or by calling (956) 487-5312.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter is one of the most rewarding and selfless decisions you can make. Volunteer firefighters prevent and put out fires and administer first aid within their communities. Today, volunteers make up 55% of all active firefighters, making it a great first step on the ladder to becoming a paid firefighter. Keep reading to learn what it takes to fill this vital role and find out how you can get started making a difference today.


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