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RGC Fire Dept. Welcomes New Volunteer Fire Fighters

RGC Fire Department & Emergency Management Chief Manuel Muniz and Assistant Chief Martin Galvan introduced four of our volunteer firefighters at the City Commission Meeting on January 16th.

“These four volunteers are the newest members of our Fire Department who will be attending the La Casita Fire Academy, stated Fire Chief Manuel Muniz. “Cadets Liana Rios, Cesar Hernandez, Deavan Diaz, and Arturo Martinez are grateful for this opportunity to serve their community, and are excited to get started at the academy.”

A volunteer firefighter is a dedicated individual who chooses to contribute their time and efforts to serving their community by actively participating in firefighting and emergency response activities on a voluntary basis.

Volunteer firefighters willingly offer their skills, time, and commitment without financial compensation. These individuals undergo training to acquire the necessary firefighting and rescue skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to respond to various emergencies such as fires, accidents, and natural disasters.



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