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RGC Fire Department Conducts Annual Fire Hose Inspection

The Rio Grande City Fire Department & Emergency Management carried out their annual inspection of fire hoses earlier this week, ensuring readiness and reliability in firefighting equipment to serve the community effectively.

Firefighters meticulously inspected each fire hose, assessing their condition, functionality, and compliance with safety standards. The annual inspection is a crucial component of the department's proactive approach to maintaining equipment integrity and operational readiness.

"Ensuring the effectiveness of our firefighting equipment is paramount to our mission of protecting lives and property in Rio Grande City," stated Rio Grande City Fire Department & Emergency Management Chief Manuel Muniz. "The annual inspection of fire hoses allows us to identify any issues and address them promptly, enhancing our capabilities to respond to emergencies."

The comprehensive inspection process involved testing the hoses for leaks, wear and tear, and proper water flow. Firefighters also examined couplings and connections to verify their integrity and functionality.

"Our firefighters are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and preparedness," added Muniz. "By conducting regular inspections and maintenance activities, we strive to ensure that our equipment is in optimal condition to meet the demands of emergency situations."

The annual inspection of fire hoses highlights the commitment of the Rio Grande City Fire Department & Emergency Management to proactive risk management and continuous improvement. By prioritizing equipment maintenance and readiness, the department enhances its ability to safeguard the community and respond effectively to fire-related incidents.



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