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RGC City Secretary Angela Solis Named Vice-President of Prominent RGV Association

Rio Grande City City-Secretary Angela Solis was recently sworn in as Vice president of the Lower Rio Grande Valley City Secretaries/Clerks chapter.

“On behalf of the City of Rio Grande City we would like to wish a heartfelt congratulations to our City Secretary, Angela Solis, on her recent appointment as Vice-President to the Lower Rio Grande Valley Clerks Association,” declared Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal. “This is indeed a testament to your dedication and leadership within our city.”

The LRGVCS/C chapter is made up of City Clerks and City Secretaries who regularly come together to explore various city-related topics.  Their discussions encompass essential subjects like Time Management, Public Information, Open Meetings Act, TABC compliance, and other matters crucial to their roles in serving the community.

The Lower Rio Grande Valley, often referred to simply as the "Rio Grande Valley" or RGV, is a region located in the southernmost tip of Texas along the United States-Mexico border. The region is named after the Rio Grande, a major river that forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico.



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