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Registration Now Open for City of RGC Men’s Basketball League

Registration is now open for the Rio Grande City Parks and Recreation Department’s Adult Men’s Basketball League. The league is open to men 18 years of age, or older, and the registration fee is $40 per player. RGC residents interested in participating can call (956) 488-8728.

“The goal of the Rio Grande City Parks and Recreation Department is to offer many opportunities to the community at large,” declared Rio Grande City Parks & Rec. Director Frank Eguia. “Leagues like these are another way for individuals to engage in regular physical activity, promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.”

Equia explained how beyond the physical aspects, these leagues foster a sense of camaraderie and community spirit as players come together to compete and share a common passion for the sport. The social aspect of participating in a local basketball league also contributes to building friendships and a sense of belonging.

Additionally, these leagues often serve as a means of stress relief and a way for individuals to unwind from their daily responsibilities. Overall, men's basketball leagues organized by local parks and recreation departments play a vital role in enhancing both the physical and social aspects of participants' lives while contributing positively to the community's overall health and cohesion.



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