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New Eco-Friendly Carwash Opens in Rio Grande City

Rio Grande City Residents now have a new environmentally friendly option when it comes to keeping their vehicles looking spic and span.

The new BlueWave Express Car Wash, located along Hwy 83, held its official grand opening ceremony on Friday morning, October 13. Present at the event was Mayor Joel Villarreal along with City of RGC administration. "On behalf of the City Commission we would like to thank BlueWave for choosing the City of RGC. Great things continue to happen in the great City of Rio Grande City," stated Mayor Joel Villarreal.

According to their website, BlueWave Carwashes reclaim and filter most of their water, approximately 20 gallons per vehicle, and reuse it. They have a central collection system for water that is not reused and dirt that is accumulated during the wash. After it’s collected, they redirect it to facilities that can properly handle the non-hazardous waste.

The carwash also offers a range of complimentary services with every car wash, such as high-performance vacuums, high-pressure air nozzles, and convenient mat cleaning racks.

Keeping your vehicle clean can help maintain its resale value and prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, a clean car can help improve visibility while driving by reducing glare and reflections on the windshield and windows. A clutter-free car can also help prevent distractions while driving, which can improve safety on the road.



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