The City of Rio Grande City Commission voted to approve several bond measures which authorized more than $25 million in general obligation bonds and certificates of obligation to complete or begin deferred capital improvement projects that were approved by the City Commissioners. A certificate of obligation is debt issued without voters’ approval and is repaid through tax revenue.

“We are currently in the process of securing contractors for these projects,” declared Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal. “Our residents will see a new Public Safety building, which will house the police departments, the fire departments, our public safety and code enforcement.”

According to Villarreal, the City will also soon purchase multiple fire trucks and police units. Over 30 city streets will be repaved, and improvements will be made to the city dog kennels.

Other projects in the works include the building of a Rio Grande City Boys and Girls Youth Club facility. Another industrial development will be behind Walmart which will include thousands of square feet for storage. It will work together with the Port of Entry to increase commercial trading.

“We will have multiple multimillion-dollar developments,” added Villarreal. “The St Ive’s development of the Rio Grande Village project will bring Starbucks, Buffalo Wings and Rings and a few others still in discussion.” The St. Ive’s project was achieved in partnership with the City and the Economic Development Administration. The EDA helped bring in federal monies to address the drainage issue that prevented substantial development.

Another multimillion-dollar development that is in the works involves an extension of healthcare services in the City with the help of DHR Health. “This supplementation is meant to grow our medical community with specialties which will bring higher paying jobs and services for our community. Jobs will be created with salaries, mid-level jobs, as well as higher level positions,” stated Villarreal.


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