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City of Rio Grande City Employees Receive Distracted Driving Training

Employees of the City of Rio Grande City participated in a Distracted Driving Training session held on Monday, February 5th, at City Hall. This mandatory training was for all city employees who operate City vehicles regularly. The training aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and equip participants with the necessary skills to mitigate risks on the road.


Led by expert instructors, the training covered a wide range of topics, including the types and consequences of distracted driving, as well as strategies for prevention. Participants engaged in interactive discussions highlighting the importance of maintaining focus and attention while behind the wheel.


Mayor Joel Villarreal emphasized the significance of such initiatives in fostering a culture of safety within the City's workforce. "The safety of our employees and the community is of paramount importance to us," stated Mayor Villarreal. "By providing comprehensive training on distracted driving, we are taking proactive steps to ensure that our employees are well-prepared to navigate the roads safely."


"Distracted driving poses a serious threat to public safety," added Deputy City Manager Noe Castillo emphasizing the importance of compliance with the training requirement. "It is important that all employees, especially those who operate City vehicles, adhere to the guidelines highlighted in this training to protect themselves and others on the road."


The City of Rio Grande City remains committed to promoting safe driving practices and will continue to provide educational opportunities to its employees to enhance road safety for all.



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