Border Patrol Installs Rescue Beacon in Rio Grande City

City officials met with Border Patrol earlier this month to learn more about a Rescue Beacons and 911 Location Marker recently installed by Duran St., on the West end of Rio Grande City.

“This beacon provides an emergency button for individuals who find themselves in a state of emergency. Each beacon placed has a specific location identifier to aid an efficient search,” stated Rio Grande City Public Relation’s Specialist Angelina R. Villarreal.

Human smugglers often abandon migrants in the harsh Texas terrain. These individuals are often left with little to no water, not knowing where they are nor how to get to their destination. As a result, many perish along the border every year. Border Patrol rescue beacons and the 911 Location Marker Project have been put in place to help prevent deaths as a result of being lost or abandoned.

The rescue beacons provide the capability for a migrant to call for medical assistance or rescue while automatically providing a location. Rescue beacons are self-contained, solar powered units placed in remote locations considered to be high risk for people in distress. Approximately 35 feet tall, each is equipped with a high visibility strobe light on top of the structure. Many of the towers utilize a camera system to determine an appropriate response and aid in the rescue effort. U.S. Border Patrol encourages anyone in distress to activate a rescue beacon or call 911 before they become a casualty.


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