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Rio Grande City Police Department Issues Scam Alert

The Rio Grande City Police Department is warning residents not to fall victim to a recent phone scam. According to police, scammers have been calling people and convincing them they have an open arrest warrant that must be paid off immediately. The Police Department warns these callers can sound convincing calling from an untraceable phone number or the with Police Department's actual phone number (956-487-8892) showing up your phone's caller ID service.

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"We understand that this can confuse [residents] and make [them] believe that it is not a scam," declares the PD. "We recommend that [residents] hang up immediately and contact [their] local police department. Our procedures for an open warrant will never, under any circumstances, allow [anyone] to pay over the phone. All payments will always be taken in person." The RGCPD encourages all residents to be aware of these types of phone calls. "If you have any relatives that are elderly and live alone we ask that you inform them of these scams so that they will not be a target. If possible, set up their phones where they are not allowed to receive 'PRIVATE' or 'UNKNOWN' calls. Residents who believe that they have received these calls should contact either the RGCPD or their local police department.

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