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RGCHS Student Pens Poem Featured in Distinguished College Publication

A poem written by Rio Grande City High School Student Stephanie Anne Garza was selected for publication in the latest issue of the annual South Texas College publication Interstice.

"Congratulations to RGCCISD Rio Grande City H.S. senior Stephanie Anne Garza. Her poem got selected to be published at South Texas College Interstice," reads a statement from the school district posted on social media.

Interstice is a literary arts journal printed annually by STC. It is open to students, staff, and faculty of STC, as well as residents in the surrounding communities, the state of Texas, the United States, and beyond. The publication features poetry, short fiction, and visual art.

Below is, She Sat Alone, the poem submitted to Interstice by Garza.


She Sat Alone by Stephanie Anne Garza She sat alone; the only sound coming from the unpredictable beeping machine, the messy scribbling of a pen on an old napkin, the meaningless get better balloons floating, bouncing together ever so slightly above her cold bed --- so out of reach, so much more full of life than she--- the heartbreaking sobs escaping her lips, the melancholy duet of the flat line and the last breath. Her body sat alone in a room that would only grow colder. Until her health care provider should arrive. Until the old napkin should be read by all the I’ll visit later’s that came a little too late -Tell my children that I love them, that I forgive them, that they were the last things on my mind.

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