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DHS To Acknowledge 'Mutual Agreements' for Border Barriers in Starr County

During a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) budget request for fiscal year 2020, held on Tuesday, April 30, Congressman Henry Cuellar received confirmation from DHS Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan that the Department will honor the language he secured in fiscal year 2019, requiring DHS to reach mutual agreements with local communities in Starr County regarding the design and alignment of border barriers. The Congressman released the following statement:

“[On Tuesday], the Committee and I had the opportunity question Acting Secretary McAleenan regarding current Homeland Security operations and the Department’s fiscal year 2020 budget. I was pleased to receive confirmation from Acting Secretary during the hearing that my language to reach mutual agreements with local communities in Starr County will be honored.

“I worked hard to include language ensuring that local communities have a say in determining the solutions that work for them. I will continue to work with the administration and my fellow colleagues in Congress to secure appropriate funding that will strengthen homeland security preparedness and secure our nation’s border without constructing an ineffective 14th century solution known as the wall.”

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