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Children, Adult Artists Encouraged to Submit to This Year's Mental Health Awareness Art Contest

The 2019 Children’s and Adults’ Mental Health Awareness Creative Arts Contest is open for entries and this year, applicants can submit their work online. The contest, which started in 2012, is part of Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Children and adults can submit original artwork, writing and photography. This year’s theme is “Why Does Mental Health Matter to You?” Winners will have their work displayed and published on the Texas System of Care website and in a public gallery at the state Capitol in May. The submission deadline is March 11. “The Creative Arts Contest is a great way to fight the stigma that too often surrounds mental health,” said Kisha Ledlow, Texas System of Care project director in the HHS Office of Mental Health Coordination. “By showcasing the talents of people with mental health challenges, others with the same or similar conditions can feel a connection. The work we get is just amazing.” Last year, Health and Human Services received a record 336 entries. To see the work of previous winners, visit the online gallery. To learn more about the contest, email Texas System of Care or visit their website.


Bloom by: M.D, 3rd, High School Original Artwork (2018)


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