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HHS Unveils New Tool To Help Parents Choose the Best Child Care

One of the biggest decisions for working parents is choosing a safe, reliable caregiver for their young child. HHS has made that decision process easier by ensuring Child Care Licensing maintains state standards of protecting the health, safety and well-being of children in care at licensed centers. HHS provides a searchable database that compiles CCL reports from licensed providers that includes past violations and issues for the past three years. Other databases on the website include a search for Listed Family Homes, which require background checks but no minimum standards or training are required, and a list of involuntarily suspended or revoked child care operations. CCL's duties extend to investigating complaints alleging violations of minimum standards in all licensed child care operations. The agency provides technical assistance to meet licensing standards, rules and laws. It conducts follow-up investigations to ensure violations are remedied and processes are improved.

HHSC regulates about 10,000 child care centers and almost 5,500 home providers for the approximately 1 million Texas children who receive caregiving. From Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018, HHSC had 264 inspectors who conducted 33,138 monitoring inspections and an additional 8,732 follow-up inspections. An additional 3,350 listed family homes are not inspected, but are required to submit background checks.

Tips to finding ideal child care

  • Learn the facts before entrusting your child to someone else and always choose state-regulated child care.

  • Research your options.

  • Visit the child care center or home while children are there and look for features that will help your child thrive. Ask to see where your child will sleep or rest.

  • Meet and interview the caregiver or director.

  • Keep talking with your child's caregiver. Talk about concerns and ensure you're happy with their answers.

  • Keep talking to your children. Ask them how their day went, what they did, who they saw or if anything special happened.

  • Report anything that might affect any child's health or safety, including child abuse or neglect to the Texas Abuse Hotline at 800-252-5400.

To learn more, visit this webpage about a parent's guide to child care.


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