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Rio Grande City Crime Stoppers Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

At the 34th Annual Texas Crime Stoppers Conference held at the McAllen Convention Center earlier this month, the Rio Grande City Crime Stoppers were presented with the ‘Greatest Dollar Recovery Award’ and the ‘Most Cases Cleared’ Award.

The Greatest Dollar Recovery Award is one of the productivity awards given to Crime Stoppers corporations in Texas that have the highest dollar recovery and/or most cases cleared in each population category. The award is presented during the annual Texas Best Awards ceremony, which recognizes Crime Stoppers corporations from around the state that stand out in a variety of categories.

Crime Stoppers is a community-based program that encourages members of the public to provide anonymous tips and information about criminal activities to law enforcement agencies. These tips can lead to the arrest and conviction of criminals, the recovery of stolen property, or the prevention of crimes.

Receiving these awards can be seen as a testament to the program's success in engaging the community, solving crimes, and preventing criminal activities, often resulting in a safer and more secure environment for the public.



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