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RGC Public Works Dept. Reminds Residents its City-Wide Cleanup Time

The Rio Grande City Public Works Dept. reminds residents that its monthly City-Wide clean-up campaign starts today, Monday October 23. During this week-long effort, residents will have access to a Trash Drop-Off at the 14-acres Property located at 632 W. Eisenhower Street.

Rio Grande City residence can utilize this opportunity to discard brush, appliances, or other bulky items with a Driver's License and Utility Bill.

"We will be hosting our city-wide cleanup this week from Monday through Saturday," stated RGC Public Works Director Hector Barrera. You can bring items such as water heaters, refrigerators, stoves, broken furniture. Items not accepted would be things like bricks and stones, insulation, or sheetrock. We also will not accept old car parts, car batteries or oil. Car Tires are accepted but only automobile tires, and not oversized tires like those used on tractors or semi-trucks. In order to drop off items you will need proof of residence, which is your water bill or light bill, and your driver license."



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