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City of RGC Personnel Dept. Honors ‘Best Boss’ Noe Castillo

City of Rio Grande City staff took a moment out of their busy day to honor Noe Castillo on Monday morning, October 16, in honor of National Bosses Day.

“On behalf of the entire staff here at the City of Rio Grande City we would like to wish Chief Noe Castillo, Deputy City Manager, a very Happy Boss’s Day,” stated Executive Assistant Sara Hernandez. “Thank you for your leadership and talent in administration, it takes a special person to not only encourage, but uplift your employees at the same time. We hope you have a great day.”

Boss’s Day is an annual observance dedicated to acknowledging and appreciating the contributions and leadership of bosses and supervisors in the workplace. Celebrating Boss’s Day can have numerous benefits for workplace culture and morale by fostering positive relationships between employees and their superiors.

“When employees feel appreciated and valued by their bosses, they are more likely to be engaged in their work,” stated RGC Human Resources director Valerie Brown-Garza. “Leaders deserve employee recognition too, and taking a day to appreciate them can improve the overall work experience and keep them committed to their jobs.”

“Boss’s Day also provides an opportunity for open and honest communication between employees and their superiors,” added Garza. “It encourages employees to express their gratitude and feedback, leading to better understanding and collaboration within the workplace.”



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