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Rio Grande City Hosts Official State of the City Address

On Wednesday, April 10, the City of Rio Grande City hosted its official State of the City address and luncheon, offering a comprehensive overview of recent accomplishments and developments across various sectors, including the economy, infrastructure, public safety, and quality of life.


Community leaders, business owners, and residents gathered to hear Mayor Joel Villarreal deliver the State of the City address, providing insights into the city's progress and outlining future initiatives aimed at enhancing prosperity and well-being for all residents.


During the event, Mayor Villarreal highlighted several notable achievements in the city's economy, including successful initiatives to attract new businesses at, promote entrepreneurship, and stimulate economic growth through several phases of the thriving St. Ives Plaza Development. The mayor also underscored ongoing efforts to enhance infrastructure, citing infrastructure projects aimed at improving city streets and public utilities focusing on expansion on the West side of the City.


In addition to economic and infrastructure achievements, the State of the City address addressed significant advancements in public safety, including investments in technology, training, and community policing initiatives aimed at enhancing public safety and fostering trust between law enforcement and residents. Also highlighted at the event was the significant efforts of the RGC Fire Department and an update on the soon-to-be opened Public Safety Building.


Quality of life initiatives also took center stage during the State of the City address, with Mayor Villarreal highlighting efforts to expand recreational opportunities, enhance parks, and upcoming projects such as new additions to our beloved Trolley Tours, a splash park, and new soccer fields.

You can watch the entire RGC 2024 State of the City address on Facebook




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