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RGC Mayor, Commissioners Attend South Texas Community Summit

In the spirit of regional collaboration and engagement, Mayor Joel Villarreal, accompanied by Commissioners Rey Ramirez, and Alberto Escobedo, recently traveled to the Texas State Capitol to participate in the South Texas Community Summit alongside members of the Texas House of Representatives.

This gathering provided a unique opportunity for the Mayor and Commissioners to engage in meaningful discussions on a variety of topics relevant to the South Texas region as well as the incredible growth our city has seen over the past few years and push for an increase in safety for our community. Also discussed were relevant issues from economic development initiatives to community-centric policies.

The summit served as a platform for exchanging ideas, fostering partnerships, and addressing shared challenges. The presence of Mayor Villarreal and the City Commission at the Texas State Capitol underscored their commitment to proactive governance, ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of their community are well-represented at the state level. This collaborative effort aimed to strengthen ties between local and state officials, contributing to the overall progress and prosperity of the South Texas region.



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