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RGC Hosts Successful Free Rabies Vaccine Clinic


The Rio Grande City Police Department and the Rio Grande City Animal Kennel joined forces with local veterinarians, Dr. Margo and Dr. Rios, to host a highly successful free Rabies Vaccine Clinic at City Hall, offering essential healthcare services to Rio Grande City residents and their beloved pets.


With a shared commitment to promoting pet welfare and community health, the collaborative effort aimed to provide accessible and affordable rabies vaccinations for pets in the Rio Grande City area. The event, held at City Hall, served as a testament to the dedication of local authorities and healthcare professionals in ensuring the well-being of both residents and their animal companions.


"We are proud to partner with Dr. Margo, Dr. Rios, and our local veterinarians to offer this vital service to our community," Rio Grande City Police Chief Noe Castillo. "Ensuring that pets receive proper vaccinations is crucial for safeguarding public health, and events like these help us achieve that goal."


The free Rabies Vaccine Clinic attracted a significant turnout, with over 150 pets receiving vaccinations during the course of the event. Pet owners expressed gratitude for the opportunity to access essential healthcare services for their furry family members at no cost, emphasizing the importance of affordable veterinary care in the community.


The success of the event would not have been possible without the generous support of local businesses and volunteers. The Rio Grande City Police Department and the Rio Grande City Animal Kennel extend their sincere appreciation to Sign Works, a local print shop, for providing vouchers for the event, enabling residents to access free rabies vaccinations for their pets.



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