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Popular Oil Change Franchise Now Open in Rio Grande City

The popular Take 5 Oil Change Franchise has just opened its new location in Rio Grande City. “We want to officially welcome Take 5  to our City.” Stated RGC Deputy City Manager Noe Castillo. “Take 5 is now open and ready to serve our community for your vehicle needs.”

The first Take 5 Oil Change opened its doors back to 1984 when the first location was established in Metairie, Louisiana. Originally known as Rapid Oil Change, the company aimed to revolutionize the conventional oil change process by introducing a faster and more customer-friendly approach.

Over the years, the business expanded, gaining popularity for its commitment to efficiency and convenience. In 1996, Take 5 Oil Change adopted its current name, reflecting the brand's focus on completing oil changes in just five minutes. The franchise continued to grow, establishing a reputation for its drive-thru service model, allowing customers to stay in their vehicles during the oil change process.



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