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City of RGC Recognizes Club’s Community Service Efforts

At the regular meeting of the City Commission of Rio Grande City held at City Hall on Wednesday, July 18, the Rio Grande City Tourism Department recognized the community service efforts of several local college students.

“I would like to make a special recognition of some of our volunteers who have helped us during many community events,” said Rio Grande City Tourism director, Sara Hernandez, before presenting the South Texas College Starr County Campus Phycology Club with a plaque of appreciation.

“The Phycology Club members and I are always glad to help out in the community in any way that we can,” said Club founder Alex Sarabia. “[The students] are true star volunteers and we will continue making a difference in any way we can. Thank you for the opportunity and the recognition.”

“When it comes to our community involvement we don’t do it for the recognition, we do it to serve other in the community, and put other people’s needs before ours,” said one club member. “Knowing that you all have taken the time to recognize us today makes us feel like our work is recognized, and doesn’t go unnoticed.”

“Thank you so much for the time that you spend [volunteering],” added Mayor Joel Villarreal. “It’s great to have a group that’s willing to give back to the community.


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