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RGC Provides Guidance on Permitting Process for Home Renovations and Projects

The City of Rio Grande City recently released a video aimed at assisting residents with questions regarding renovations or new home projects. In the video, RGC Planning & Zoning Director, Mr. Gilberto Milan, discussed key points regarding the permitting process.


The video serves as a resource for residents to understand when a building permit is necessary for their projects. Typical situations requiring a permit include adding a large swimming pool, enclosing a property with a fence over 6 feet tall, installing large commercial or industrial signs, adding plumbing or electricity to a home or business, and more.


"Understanding when a permit is needed can save homeowners time and prevent potential issues down the line," Milan said about the video. "We want to make sure residents are informed and have a smooth experience when undertaking home improvement projects."


The City of RGC Planning Department encourages residents with any questions about permitting requirements to contact them directly at (956) 488-8728. By providing this information, the city aims to streamline the permitting process and ensure compliance with local regulations.


"The Planning Department is here to help guide residents through the permitting process and address any concerns they may have," Milan added.


The video is part of the city's ongoing efforts to enhance communication and provide valuable resources to residents. Rio Grande City remains committed to supporting homeowners and businesses in their efforts to improve their properties while adhering to regulatory requirements.



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