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RGC Kelsey-Bass Museum Supports Lee House Restoration Efforts

In early April, the Rio Grande City Kelsey-Bass Museum announced it would team up with the Revive Fort Ringgold initiative to support restoration efforts for the Fort’s coveted Robert E. Lee house.

The Tourism Department along with the Kelsey Bass Museum will be providing the funds to purchase the paint and supplies for a full exterior paint job. Revive Fort Ringgold will coordinate the labor costs and monitor completion of the work.

“The Robert E. Lee House is a major tourist attraction for the city and it is important we do our part to keep it in good condition. A lot of work went into the original restoration and it is our pleasure to make sure that dedication to this project is not forgotten.”

The Robert E. Lee house dates back to 1850s and was used during the Civil War as the Commandant’s Quarters. The last formal restoration project was completed by Revive Fort Ringgold in 2005, making this year its 16th anniversary.



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