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RGC Fire Department Engages Students at John & Olive Hinojosa Elementary Career Day

The Rio Grande City (RGC) Fire Department & Emergency Management enthusiastically participated in the annual John & Olive Hinojosa Elementary Career Day, providing students with a firsthand glimpse into the world of firefighting and emergency response.


Students at Hinojosa Elementary had the unique opportunity to interact with firefighters, ask questions, and explore the possibilities of a career in public service.


"Career Day is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about various professions, and we were thrilled to be part of it," said RGC Fire Chief Manuel Muniz. "It's crucial to expose young minds to the possibilities that lie ahead and to inspire them to consider careers in fields like firefighting and emergency management."


Throughout the event, firefighters engaged with students, showcasing their equipment, discussing their roles and responsibilities, and emphasizing the importance of safety and community service.


The Career Day event not only provided students with valuable insights into potential career paths but also fostered positive relationships between the fire department and the local community.


"We hope that our participation in Career Day sparked an interest in the minds of these students and perhaps even inspired some future firefighters," the representative concluded.


The RGC Fire Department remains committed to engaging with the community and supporting educational initiatives that promote learning and career exploration among youth.



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