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RGC Commissioner Attends Empty Bowl Hunger Relief Event

City of Rio Grande City Commissioner Alberto Escobedo participated in the 15th Annual Empty Bowl Hunger Relief event held on Friday, April 12, 2024, in Laredo, Texas. The event, aimed at addressing hunger issues, raised funds to support food programs and hunger relief efforts across eight counties, including Starr County.


Commissioner Escobedo's presence highlights the City of Rio Grande City's commitment to combating hunger and supporting community welfare initiatives. The City of RGC and the RGC Economic Development Corporation expressed wholehearted support for the event, recognizing its significance in addressing food insecurity in the region.


The Empty Bowl Hunger Relief event serves as a crucial platform for raising awareness and mobilizing resources to alleviate hunger. The proceeds generated from the event will contribute to various food programs and hunger relief efforts in the region, including those in Starr County.


Commissioner Escobedo's participation emphasizes the collaborative efforts of regional leadership in addressing food scarcity challenges. The City of Rio Grande City and its Economic Development Corporation reaffirmed their dedication to supporting such initiatives that aim to improve the lives of residents across South Texas.



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