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RGC Commission Recognizes Efforts of PR Professionals

Mayor Joel Villarreal and the City Commission of Rio Grande City officially declared February 24, 2024, as Government Communicators Day in the city. This special day is all about recognizing the hard work of people who make sure important information reaches everyone in the community.


During their Regular Meeting for the month of February, Mayor Villarreal and the City Commission made the proclamation to honor those who work behind the scenes to share crucial information with the people of Rio Grande City.


Government Communicators Day is a time to appreciate and celebrate the efforts of these individuals, like Becky Rubio, who is a PR Specialist for the City of RGC, and Melinda Gomez, who works as a Communications Officer for the RGC Economic Development Corporation. They, along with others, play a big role in keeping everyone informed.


"We want to thank Becky Rubio, Melinda Gomez, and all government communicators for everything they do for our city," said Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villarreal. “This day is a reminder of how important it is to have people dedicated to keeping the community informed and connected. It's a way of saying thank you to those who work hard to make sure everyone knows what's happening in Rio Grande City.”



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