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RGC City Secretary Continues Efforts to Ensure Efficiency and Transparency

Rio Grande City City Secretary, Angela Solis, attended the Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc. (TMCA)/The Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program (TMCCP) Advanced Institute Seminar in Frisco, Texas last week along with hundreds of participants from all over the state.

The TMCCP Advanced Institute Seminar is a specialized training program designed for municipal clerks in the state of Texas who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of municipal government.

Some of the topics discussed at the seminar were related to municipal government functions, legal compliance, records management, election administration, public relations, and other areas critical to the role of municipal clerks. The goal was to provide municipal clerks with advanced knowledge and skills to help them excel in their positions and serve their communities more effectively.

City Secretaries are considered by some to be unsung heroes within local government. They are responsible for managing critical records, ensuring transparency in governance, and facilitating the smooth operation of municipal affairs. From organizing elections to maintaining historical documents, municipal clerks are the keepers of the records that define the civic life of Texan communities.



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