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HHS Expands Child Care Search Site

Texas Health and Human Services is expanding its child care search website to provide families additional information about child care providers in Texas. Now lists five years of a regulated child care facility’s compliance history. Previously the site only displayed information for the prior three years. “We are so pleased to be able to provide more extensive information on how well a child care operation is meeting state health and safety standards,” said David Kostroun, HHS deputy executive commissioner for Regulatory Services. “Parents and others will now have a more complete picture as they make the critically important decision about where a child receives care.” The child care search website,, includes detailed information about regulated child care operations in Texas and shows the number of inspections an operation has received and when, how many deficiencies have been found at the operation, and any actions taken to correct the deficiencies. Parents can also review specific services offered by the child care operations. Last year, lawmakers and Gov. Greg Abbott approved several child care reform bills to increase transparency and safety for child care operations throughout the state. The expansion of aligns with those goals. “I am thrilled to see that the child care safety reforms that the Legislature enacted during the last legislative session are coming to fruition,” said Sen. Joan Huffman. “Ensuring that parents and guardians have pertinent information about licensed child care facilities enables them to make informed decisions when choosing caretakers for their children. There is no greater priority for parents and guardians than protecting the safety and welfare of their children, and I am hopeful that they will utilize this valuable resource.” HHS urges parents and guardians to use the searchable website to learn more about child care providers in their area. After caregivers narrow down a list of potential operations, they should tour each one while children are in care. This will give parents and guardians a chance to speak with the director and caregivers and ask questions. "Over one million families sent their kids to child care centers or homes this year, faced with the daunting task of determining whether their kids will be safe, nurtured, and positively engaged in an enriching educational environment,” said David Feigen, early childhood policy associate for the children’s advocacy group Texans Care for Children. “Because of, families are able to see which providers in their region are licensed and assess whether the facilities they are considering meet minimum safety requirements." HHS works to protect the health, safety and well-being of children in care. The agency’s Child Care Licensing team regulates and regularly inspects and investigates child care operations throughout Texas to ensure compliance with state laws, rules and standards. When there are deficiencies, HHS takes enforcement actions as necessary. You can view the types of enforcement actions here. Parents are highly encouraged to only use regulated child care providers. Unregulated providers are not inspected to make sure they are properly caring for children and keeping them safe. You can view a list of regulated child care operations on


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