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UNT Project Analyzes Role Race Plays in DPS Practices

On Thursday, December 13, The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) released a comprehensive analysis conducted by the University of North Texas (UNT) regarding DPS traffic stop data by race/ethnicity of drivers. The report, which was initiated at the department’s request, concluded that DPS’ internal controls align with documented best practices, and UNT offered no recommended changes to the department’s current practices, policies and protocols. Nonetheless, today DPS announced the launch of an innovative internal control program related to traffic stop data. DPS began developing this program in 2017. This new system tracks DPS traffic stop data related to the race and ethnicity of drivers, which DPS will use to identify trends and outliers that could indicate performance issues, including the potential for racial profiling. “We solicited the expertise of UNT to conduct an external and in-depth review of our data, because it was vitally important that we ensure our traffic stops are conducted in compliance with the law and with the high standards of conduct required by our department,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “We are pleased with the findings of the UNT analysis, yet we continue to look for ways to enhance the way we protect and serve Texans. This new internal control program will do just that.” The UNT report includes traffic stop data by race and ethnicity from 2017. For a summary of the UNT report, including significant findings, click here. To view the full UNT report, please click here. For additional information about the new internal control program, click here.


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