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RGC PW Dept. Moves to Expand Citywide Cleanup Efforts

The Rio Grande City Public Works Dept. announces it will open its bulky-items roll-off containers on April 16&17, as part of the city’s effort to expand its citywide cleanup campaign into weekends. The roll-off containers are setup at the 14 acres property located at 632 W. Eisenhower St. and will also be accessible the last week of the month including Saturday, May 1.

Residents wanting to utilize the roll-offs will be required to show proof by providing a valid ID and Utility Bill. This is an opportunity to get rid of extra brush, appliances, and bulky items. Residents will be required to haul and unload all trash items into the roll-off containers.

If residents do not take their own bulky items to the 14 acres, these items will be picked at the usual place (in front of home) during the normal scheduled route.

Please note, the Code Enforcement Department will be monitoring people throwing trash in alleys and empty lots with the help of surveillance cameras. Anyone caught leaving trash in an unapproved location will be charged with illegal dumping. We encourage all residents to do their part in helping us keep Rio Grande City clean.



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