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Roma ISD Cadets Put Their Skills to the Test at Raider Challenge in San Antonio

Several Roma ISD Gladiator Battalion Cadets headed to San Antonio this past weekend and took part in a series of activities designed to test speed and agility. Some of the activities included a race to construct and use a rope bridge over a creek, a 5K team run through the woods, a Gauntlet, an Obstacle Course and the Crucible (a timed event that includes pushing a Hummer). According to Ltc. Luis Barrera, Roma High School JROTC Instructor, on Saturday, December 8th, the cadets participated in the Northeast ISD, San Antonio, TX JROTC Raider Challenge programs in Camp Bullis, TX, US Army Base. "Most of the teams came from the San Antonio area," stated Barrera, "But besides us, teams from the Houston and Fort Worth area also attended the Raider Challenge."

"Everyone is here for each other no matter what team they are on," said Cadet Uvaldo Garcia, a sophomore member of the Roma High School JROTC Raider program. "If any one team does not finish before ours, we are all there for each other. We support one another even though we are running against each other." “We came to this Raider Challenge for the opportunity to measure ourselves with the bigger JROTC programs from the state and how good our Raider teams is” added Team Raider Captain Gerry Flores. Roma came in third overall out of 19 teams in our classification. The students came in 1st in the Rope Bridge Construction. "Our next major raider competition is the annual La Copa Ranch Raider Challenge in which we are the two-time reigning champions on February 9 [of next year]," stated Barrera.


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